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Biosketch, Mark B. David

Mark B. David is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he has been on the faculty since 1985. Dr. David earned his B.S. from the Pennsylvania State University, M.S. from the University of Maine, and his Ph.D. from the State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Dr. David's research is focused on the biogeochemistry of nutrients in agricultural, forested, and aquatic ecosystems. He has conducted interdisciplinary research to study complex systems from a variety of approaches. Dr. David's research areas include nitrogen and phosphorus biogeochemistry in agricultural ecosystems, including transport to surface waters at scales ranging from fields to regions; fate and effects of nutrients in aquatic systems; use of constructed wetlands, cover crops, bioreactors, and drainage water management to reduce agricultural nutrient losses to surface waters; acidic deposition effects on soils, including sulfur biogeochemistry; forest nutrient cycling; sewage waste disposal; and herbicide transport. He has authored or co-authored > 140 refereed journal articles. Dr. David's research is highly cited: he was named in 2001 as an ISI Highly Cited Researcher in Ecology and Environment. He has been elected as a Fellow in the Soil Science Society of America, the American Society of Agronomy, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and has won the UIUC College of ACES, Paul A. Funk Recognition Award, (the College's highest award given for outstanding career impact to the state, the nation, and the world) and the Spitze Land-Grant Professorial Career Excellence Award. He received the American Society of Agronomy Environmental Quality Research Award in 2013. Dr. David has served as an associate editor for both the Soil Science Society of America Journal and for the Journal of Environmental Quality; has frequently served as a panel member for review of proposals for funding from the USDA, NSF, and USEPA; and has served on review teams to assess departmental and programmatic activities at several other universities. He served on the USEPA Science Advisory Board, Hypoxia Advisory Panel, and recently served (2013-2016) as an elected member of the Board of Directors of the American Society of Agronomy. He has taught a wide range of environmental science courses to freshman through Ph.D. students, and has had 26 graduate students complete their degrees, along with 8 postdoctoral students. Recent funding has come from USDA NIFA and the Illinois Nutrient Research & Education Council.

Last Updated June 13, 2017