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Selected Publications

Lavaire, T., L.E. Gentry, M.B. David, and R.A. Cooke. 2017. Fate of water and nitrate using drainage water management on tile systems in east-central Illinois. Agricultural Water Management 191:218-228. (pdf, open access on journal site).

David, M.B., L.E. Gentry, and C.A. Mitchell. 2016. Riverine response of sulfate to declining atmospheric sulfur deposition in agricultural watersheds. Journal of Environmental Quality 45:1313-1319. (pdf, supplemental information) CSA News Summary

McIsaac, G.F., M.B. David, and G.Z. Gertner. 2016. Illinois River nitrate-nitrogen concentrations and loads: long-term variation and association with watershed nitrogen inputs. Journal of Environmental Quality 45:1268-1275. (pdf, supplemental information, CSA News Article)

Addy, K., A.J. Gold, L.E. Christianson, M.B. David, L.A. Schipper, and N.A. Ratigan. 2016. Denitrifying bioreactors for nitrate removal: a meta-analysis. Journal of Environmental Quality 45:873-881. (pdf, supplemental information)

David, M.B., L.E. Gentry, R.A. Cooke, and S.M. Herbstritt. 2016. Temperature and substrate controls woodchip bioreactor performance in reducing tile nitrate loads in east-central Illinois. Journal of Environmental Quality 45:822-829. (pdf, supplemental information) Summary in Crops and Soils Article

David, M.B., C.A. Mitchell, L.E. Gentry, and R.K. Salemme. 2016. Chloride sources and losses in two tile-drained agricultural watersheds. Journal of Environmental Quality 45:341-348. (pdf, supplemental information) CSA News Summary

Masters, M.D., C.K. Black, I.B. Kantola, K.P. Woli, T. Voigt, M.B. David, and E.H. DeLucia. 2016. Soil nutrient removal by four potential bioenergy crops: Zea mays, Panicum virgatum, Miscanthus x giganteus, and prairie. Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Environment 216:51-60. (pdf)

Davis, M.P., M.B. David, T.B. Voigt, and C.A. Mitchell. 2015. Effect of nitrogen addition on Miscanthus x giganteus yield, nitrogen losses, and soil organic matter across five sites. Global Change Biology Bioenergy 7:1222-1231. (Contact for pdf)

Bell, N., R.A.C. Cooke, T. Olsen, M.B. David, and R. Hudson. 2015. Characterizing the performance of denitrifying bioreactors during simulated subsurface drainage events. Journal of Environmental Quality 44:1647-1656. (pdf)

Groh, T.A., L.E. Gentry, and M.B. David. 2015. Nitrogen removal and greenhouse gas emissions from constructed wetlands receiving tile drainage water. Journal of Environmental Quality 44:1001-1010. (pdf) Article in Farm World about work. CSA News Summary

David, M.B., C.G. Flint, L.E. Gentry, M.K. Dolan, G.F. Czapar, R.A. Cooke, and T. Lavaire. 2015. Navigating the socio-bio-geo-chemistry and engineering of nitrogen management in two Illinois tile-drained watersheds. Journal of Environmental Quality 44:368-381. (pdf) CSA News Summary

Gentry, L.E., M.B. David, and G.F. McIsaac. 2014. Variation in riverine nitrate flux and fall nitrogen fertilizer application in east-central Illinois. Journal of Environmental Quality 43:1467-1474. (pdf)

Tsai, J., M.B. David, and R.G. Darmody. 2014. Twenty-three year changes in upland and bottomland forest soils of central Illinois, USA. Soil Science 179:95-102. (pdf)

David, M.B., C.G. Flint, G.F. McIsaac, L.E. Gentry, M.K. Dolan, and G.F. Czapar. 2013. Biophysical and social barriers restrict water quality improvements in the Mississippi River basin. Environmental Science and Technology 47:11928-11929. (pdf)

Gold, A.J., K. Addy, M.B. David, L.A. Schipper, and B.A. Needelman. 2013. Artificial sinks: opportunities and challenges for managing offsite nitrogen losses. Journal of Contemporary Water Research & Education 151:9-19. (pdf)

Zangerl, A.R., S. Miresmailli, P. Nabity, A. Lawrance, A. Yanahan, C.A. Mitchell, K.J. Anderson-Teixeira, M.B. David, M.R. Berenbaum, and E.H. DeLucia. 2013. Role of arthropod communities in bioenergy crop litter decomposition. Insect Science 20:671-678. (pdf)

Davis, M.P., M.B. David, and C.A. Mitchell. 2013. Nitrogen mineralization in soils used for biofuel crops. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 44:987-995. (pdf)

Smith, C.M., M.B. David, C.A. Mitchell, M.D. Masters, K.J. Anderson-Teixeira, C.J. Bernacchi, and E.H. DeLucia. 2013. Reduced nitrogen losses following conversion of row crop agriculture to perennial biofuel crops. Journal of Environmental Quality 42:219-228. (pdf) CSA News Summary

Behnke, G.D., M.B. David, and T.B. Voigt. 2012. Greenhouse gas emissions, nitrate leaching, and biomass yields from production of Miscanthus x giganteus in Illinois, USA. BioEnergy Research 5:801-813. (pdf)

Lawrence, G.B., W.C. Shortle, M.B. David, K.T. Smith, R.A.F. Warby, and A.G. Lapenise. 2012. Early indications of soil recovery from acidic deposition in U.S. red spruce forests. Soil Science Society of America Journal 76:1407-1417. (pdf)

Raymond, P.A., M.B. David, and J.E. Saiers. 2012. The impact of fertilization and hydrology on nitrate fluxes from Mississippi watersheds. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 4:212-218. (pdf)

Davidson, E.A., M.B. David, J.N. Galloway, C.L. Goodale, R. Heuber, J.A. Harrison, R.W. Howarth, D.B. Jaynes, R.R. Lowrance, B.T. Nolan, J.L. Peel, R.W. Pinder, E. Porter, C.S. Snyder, A.R. Townsend, and M.H. Ward. 2012. Excess Nitrogen in the U.S. Environment: Trends, Risks, and Solutions. Issues in Ecology, Report Number 15, Winter 2012. Ecological Society of America. (pdf)

Editorial about agriculture and the environment from report published in State Journal-Register, Springfield Illinois on Jan. 21, 2012 and the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette on Jan. 22, 2012

Woli, K.P., M.B. David, J. Tsai, T.B. Voigt, R.G. Darmody, and C.A. Mitchell. 2011. Evaluating silicon concentrations in biofuel feedstock crops Miscanthus and switchgrass. Biomass and Bioenergy 35:2807-2813. (pdf)

Jacobson, L.M., M.B. David, and L.E. Drinkwater. 2011. A spatial analysis of phosphorus in the Mississippi River basin. Journal of Environmental Quality 40:931-941. (pdf)

David, M.B., L.E. Drinkwater, and G.F. McIsaac. 2010. Sources of nitrate yields in the Mississippi River basin. Journal of Environmental Quality 39:1657-1667. (pdf)

This article has received considerable media coverage, and includes a New York Times editorial.

Heaton, E.A., F.G. Dohleman, A.F. Miguez, J.A. Juvik, V. Lozovaya, J. Widholm, O.A. Zabotina, G.F. McIsaac, M.B. David, T.B. Voigt, N.N. Boersma, and S.P. Long. 2010. Miscanthus: a promising biomass crop. Advances in Botanical Research 56:75-137. (pdf)

Woli, K.P., M.B. David, R.A. Cooke, G.F. McIsaac, and C.A. Mitchell. 2010. Nitrogen balance in and export from agricultural fields associated with controlled drainage systems and denitrifying bioreactors. Ecological Engineering 36:1558-1566. (pdf)

Woli, K.P., M.B. David, R.G. Darmody, C.A. Mitchell, and C.M. Smith. 2010. Assessing the nitrous oxide mole fraction of soils from perennial biofuel and corn-soybean fields. Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Environment 138:299-305. (pdf)

McIsaac, G.F., M.B. David, and C.A. Mitchell. 2010. Miscanthus and switchgrass production in the corn belt: impacts on hydrology and inorganic nitrogen leaching. Journal of Environmental Quality 39:1790-1799. (pdf)

Gentry, L.E., M.B. David, F.E. Below, T.V. Royer, and G.F. McIsaac. 2009. Nitrogen mass balance of a tile-drained agricultural watershed in east-central Illinois. Journal of Environmental Quality 38:1841-1847. (pdf)

Vitousek, P.M., R. Naylor, T. Crews, M.B. David, L.E. Drinkwater, E. Holland, P.J. Johnes, J. Katzenberger, L.A. Martinelli, P.A. Matson, G. Nziguheba, D. Ojima, C.A. Palm, G.P. Robertson, P.A. Sanchez, A.R. Townsend, and F.S. Zhang. 2009. Nutrient imbalances in agricultural development. Science 324:1519-1520. (pdf)

David, M.B., S.J. Del Grosso, X. Hu, E.P. Marshall, G.F. McIsaac, W.J. Parton, C. Tonitto, and M.A. Youssef. 2009. Modeling denitrification in a tile-drained, corn and soybean agroecosystem of Illinois, USA. Biogeochemistry 93:7-30. (pdf)

Alexander, R.B., J.K. Bohlke, E.W. Boyer, M.B. David, J.W. Harvey, P.J. Mulholland, S.P. Seitzinger, C.R. Tobias, C. Tonitto, and W.M. Wollheim. 2009. Dynamic modeling of nitrogen losses in river networks unravels the coupled effects of hydrological and biogeochemical processes. Biogeochemistry 93:91-116. (pdf)

Tonitto, C., M.B. David, and L.E. Drinkwater. 2009. Modeling N2O flux from an Illinois agroecosystem using Monte Carlo sampling of field observations. Biogeochemistry 93:31-48. (pdf)

McDaniel, M.D., M.B. David, and T.V. Royer. 2009. Relationships between benthic sediments and water column phosphorus in Illinois streams. Journal of Environmental Quality 38:607-617. (pdf)

David, M.B., G.F. McIsaac, R.G. Darmody, and R.A. Omonode. 2009. Long-term changes in Mollisol organic carbon and nitrogen. Journal of Environmental Quality 38:200-211. (pdf, with 2011 erratum) CSA News Summary

Jacobson, L.M., M.B. David, and C.A. Mitchell. 2008. Algal growth response in two Illinois Rivers receiving sewage effluent. Journal of Freshwater Ecology 23:179-187. (pdf)

Bedore, P.D., M.B. David, and J.W. Stucki. 2008. Mechanisms of phosphorus control in urban streams receiving sewage effluent. Water, Air, and Soil Pollution 191:217-229. (pdf)

Royer, T.V., M.B. David, L.E. Gentry, C.A. Mitchell, K.M. Starks, T.N. Heatherly II, and M.R. Whiles. 2008. Assessment of chlorophyll-a as a criterion for establishing nutrient standards in the streams and rivers of Illinois. Journal of Environmental Quality 37:437-447. (pdf)

Heatherly II, T., M.R. Whiles, T.V. Royer, and M.B. David. 2007. Relationships between water quality, habitat quality, and macroinvertebrate assemblages in Illinois streams. Journal of Environmental Quality 36:1653-1660. (pdf)

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Tonitto, C., M.B. David, L.E. Drinkwater, and C. Li. 2007. Application of the DNDC model to tile-drained Illinois agroecosystems: model calibration, validation, and uncertainty analysis. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems 78:51-63. (pdf)

Tonitto, C., M.B. David, L.E. Drinkwater, and C. Li. 2007. Application of the DNDC model to tile-drained Illinois agroecosystems: model comparison of conventional and diversified rotations. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems 78:65-81. (pdf)

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