Biogeochemistry Laboratory





Lab Group





University of Illinois




Postdoctoral Associates (since 2001)

Dr. Candice Smith, Save the Dunes, Indiana

Dr. Krishna Woli, Iowa State University

Dr. Amy Childers, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Dr. Todd Royer, Associate Professor, Indiana University


Graduate Student Alumni (since 2002)

Tyler Groh (M.S. 2014), Ph.D. student at Iowa State University

Tito Lavaire (M.S. 2014), research assistant, University of Illinois, NRES

Morgan Davis, (M.S. 2013), Ph.D student at Iowa State University

Gevan Behnke (M.S. 2011), Senior Research Specialist, University of Illinois, Dept. of Crop Sciences

Jenwei Tsai (M.S. 2011), Wetlands soil scientist, Illinois Natural History Survey, University of Illinois

Linda Jacobson (M.S. 2010), USEPA Chicago

Paul Bedore (M.S. 2007), Robertson-Bryan, Inc., consulting firm, Elk Grove, California

Marshall McDaniel (M.S. 2007), Assistant Professor, Iowa State University

Matt Opdyke (Ph.D. 2005), Associate Professor, Point Park University, Pittsburgh, PA

Kate von Holle (M.S. 2005), Director of Federal Development, University of Chicago

Allyson Morgan (M.S. 2005), Research Technician, Michigan State University, Kellogg Biological Station

Débora Figueroa-Nieves (M.S. 2004), completed Ph.D. at University of New Hampshire

Jamie Schaller (M.S. 2003), NRCS Illinois

Celine Louwers (M.S. 2003), consulting firm

Karen Starks (M.S. 2002), Office Support Associate, Accountancy, UIUC


Last Updated February 17, 2016